underscore_1 (underscore_1) wrote in hate_is_fun,

Lesse, This is the last post of the night, a good ole hate list. Hopfully this will be semi-theripudic.

I hate:

The fact that afew of these are going to sound REALLY fucking hypocritical because of some things I realized recently.

The conept of using drugs or alchol to self medicate or remedy a situation (this here is one of those hypocritical ones I was talking about)

Most drunk people (another one of those hypicritical ones)

Feeling so fucking lonely ALL THE TIME and not knowing what to do about it.

My social ineptitude.

The fact that it seems like nearly all the people I am around are unhappy, for one reason or another, and there is nothing I can do about that.

You, if you didn't like the movie Garden State.

The fact that my grampa is selling his house, which is basically where I grew up.

Having the sneaking suspsion that my house isn't a home anymore.

Most people, people at school, and sometiems my friends (who I LOVE, but do not nessicarily LIKE all the time)

The fact that all the females who find me attractive live out of state.

The smell of a garbage can that has been setting in the sun for hours.

The bus, and the people on the bus.

The fact that right now I could "really go for a smoke." When the fuck did THAT happen?

Myself, far, far too much of the time.

Yeah. Well, see ya all tommoro

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