Kat Christ (heroicsocialism) wrote in hate_is_fun,
Kat Christ

Fuck you, and you and you!

I hate liars
I hate that I am the nicest person and I get shit in return
I hate that when I try to be nice to people I get shut down
I hate this fucking month
I hate not having something to vent to right now
I hate the god damn kittens that are in my sisters room right now
I hate that there is nothing good to eat here
I hate so many people right now like: Caitlin, Michael,Justin,Jessica and so many others
I hate crying for the pitiful sake that I got put down for just wanting to fucking hang out with friends.
I hate cutting, but I hate not doing it.
I hate the want and the need to hurt myself, but yet it feels so good.
I hate losing friends
I hate that people think just because I am not the perfect prototype or something that I am not cool enough to hang out with, or to have a relationship with.
I hate that everyone around me likes Megan more than they like me.
I hate feeling like a third wheel everywhere I go

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate
that I can never count on anyone to be there for me.
I hate not being able to yell at people when need be, it literally tears me apart
I hate yelling at my damn self instead of the person who needs to be yelled at
I hate people who constantly complain about how their relationships suck when they should be feeling lucky as hell that they have one
I hate people who complain about how their boyfriend dumped them and then 2 weeks or days later they have another boyfriend that they dont know at all and then they get dumped again 3 days later. You stupid fucks, learn from your god damn mistakes!
I hate this fucking day. No one wants to hang out. Or do anything. No one wants to do anything for me.
I hate saying that I dont ever want to do anything for the people that wont do shit for me, but I know that I am a huge ass pushover and that I will give in and do whatever they want.
I hate that people dont realize that I am one of the nicest people they will ever meet and they then turn around and lie to my face and I know they do, and UGH!

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